82nd Academy Awards Hair and Make-up

Hair for the academy award hair is simple, sleek, chique and elegant with a hint of tidy with 40’s Basic Glamour.
Hair is not big but has gentle volume. To give you a quick example picture a loopy bun.

Yes the bumpie is alive and somewhat more elegant than a plastic piece jammed into the hair.
For wedding hair and updo’s the main details for the hair is this:

1. Hair is smoothly backcombed with approximately 2 inches of height at the apex of the head, some fullness on the side but still fairly tight to the head (Helen Mirren)
2. There are a few elements of 60’s bouffant roller stetted curls (Sarah Jessica Parker)
3. Hair is not high on the head but sits further behind the back of the head above the occipital bone that circles around the head and mostly can not be seen from the front when looking head on.
4. Hair is loop like with a few detailed elements of twisted sections that sit on the surface of the hair.

Hair Styles
Hair is still glossy smooth with heavy side parts (Sandra Bullock)
Hair styles are simple simple simple classic hair.
There are a few boy hair cuts and styled smooth and pushed forward from the crown and then swept to the side.
Overall the hair styles are approximately shoulder length with very few layers.

Hair Color
Dark shimmery sheen for dark hair levels 1-4 with no highlights fuller deeper basic color with less dimension is very prominent. (Sandra Bullock)

For medium based hair in levels 5-7 hair has larger highlights underneath and then the highlights traverse into smaller and finer highlights on the top.

Light based levels 8-10 were not as apparent or a focus for many of the stars but there are a few such as Merryl Streep that have dainty blond highlights that are in the same family of tones as the base color.

Warm nude eye shadows with strong eyeliner but in browns so that it doesn’t overpower the eye. Blush and lips are very gentle colors that have that sun kissed golden look but with a touch of creamy color.

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