How To Get a Great Cut – Don’t Leave With Hat Head

Hair dressers hear in negatives and do the positive.

During a consultation i experience that most customers speak in negative words when describing what they want: Examples are I don’t want you to cut my hair short. I don’t want the back long. And what happens? You got a hair cut that WAS cut too short or they did leave the back long.

There are reasons for this. The brain negates negatives and leaves the left overs. For you that means I (don’t) want my hair cut short will then mean to the stylist “I want my hair cut short”. Weird hey?

Hairdressers if they have been trained to listen instead of cut first will understand what you mean because they should repeat back to you what they are going to do in the terms of what they hear in their own professional language and then proceed on your hair cut once they feel that you both are on the same wavelength.

Before I became a hairdresser  I remember sitting in the chair so excited because I found someone to cut my hair. I stalked the mall and waited outside a salon and watched all the ladies who had thin hair like mine until I found someone wearing the hair that I liked. I stopped her and asked her if she could come back in to the salon and I could talk to the stylist and show her the hair cut that she just did on this lady and do it on my head.


As I am sitting in the chair “I don’t want any layers and I want a bob like that lady”… well guess what I got… YIKES. I cried for days not realizing some of it was my fault for telling her in negatives and positives and dang the SHORT chunky layers.

Unfortunately this is very normal and requires the stylist to LISTEN for those ques of negatives and do the opposites from what the brain is interpreting. Just like when a boss says … “BOB! Don’t be late”… and.. Bob is late for work…

So when you go into a salon and are having a consultation try being aware of the conversation before the hair is washed and cut. Do you feel she understands you?  Are you explaining with pictures and descriptions in words that don’t contain negatives (get it??  🙂

Also listen to the stylist word choice. What words does she choose to explain back to you as to what she is going to do for you. Is her words a reflection of yours? Does she understand you? If you are a detailed person try to find a stylist who has a tidy shop or station, see if they are organized and on time (most of the time anyways). I know these are generalities but this gives you an idea of thought processes of the stylist and the salon.

If you are an easy going person and want someone creative… does the hair dresser express themselves through their environment if it is a one chair salon? Do they express themselves through their clothes and how they present themselves.

Some hairdressers let their creative juices flow on the customers who develop that trustin them and they preform miracles when they can combine what they hear are the parameters and join their creative ideas together. Then you have some spicy hair.

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