Shuswap Health Warning : Brazilian Blowout Solution contains 12% FORMALDEHYDE

Why embracing your natural curl will save your health.

I have a friend in Australia who emailed me with excitement.  He just had a chemical process done called Brazilian Blowout.  He raved about it and how much it made his hair awesome. So he encouraged me to look into it.

Now, you have to take into account I am a professional hairdresser with 13 years experience with skin allergies and really believes in choosing the most healthiest way possible to achieve beautiful results.  I like to do my homework so to speak not only for  for my clients but for me as well.

I did a bit of research on,  I read forums and I asked other people what they thought. The scariest thing was discovering a warning on Health Canada’s website.

Brazilian Blow-Out is a chemical / flatiron process that helps tame frizz and curl by placing a protein based liquid that contains 12% FORMALDYHYDE on the hair.  The acceptable limits in cosmetics is 0.2% NOT 12%.  If that isn’t bad enough Brazilian Blowout is then heated with 450 degree flat iron onto the hair and  a protein / formaldehyde gas is then formed.   How can this be good to even have on your skin? How can this be good for you or  your hairdresser?   Did you know that formaldehyde is linked to cancer?

The risks are nasty: Burning eyes, nose and throat, breathing difficulties and loss of hair.  If you have had Brazilian Blowout treatment and are struggling with ANY one of these symptoms, I suggest you see your doctor.  You should also report your experience with Health Canada by phone 1-866-662-0666 or on their website

My recommendation is NOT to have Brazilian Blowout Solution done until health Canada indicates that it is safe to do so.  Please choose healthier products for yourself. It is your responsibility to  ask to see your hairdressers’ licence and their certification of this product. As a side note to be certified in this process your hairdresser can watch a video online and submit answers to a test. No hands on, no certified educator coaching. Just a video.  If you would like to see this video yourself goto: (username:  shuswap  – password:  shuswap). Notice in the official training video she is using heavy duty rubber gloves during the blow dry and flat iron process…hmmm that make you think…

Tip1. : ASK your hairdresser for a list of the chemicals that she is putting on your hair. If either of you don’t know what the chemicals are or if they are not listed you should have access to a 1-800 manufacturers phone number to ask and then… Google the ingredients.

Tip 2: How to enhance your curls: Use moisturizing shampoo & conditioner. Do not rub hair with towel, just gently squeeze out excess moisture. Mix small amounts of 1/2 hard holding gel & 1/2 conditioner in your palm, take 2 inch horizontal sections on the scalp: starting at the nape and running this cocktail going from roots to ends,  Proceed at 2 inch horizontal scalp sections and covering hair  until entire hair has been equally covered from root to ends.  Don’t be shy about mixing more product if you need to. Section nape again and taking 2 inch square small vertical sections, pull hair down, and twist around fingers and continue around your head. If your hair becomes tacky to your fingers place a little conditioner and rub all over your hands to create slippage. Let dry naturally.

I really hope that this help you make a decision about your health and your hair.
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