I just wanted to say Thank You!

Thank You.

An underused word in the English Language.

I wanted to give a shout out about you, the best people a hairdresser could ever have.

In the 15 years of being a hair dresser I know I should say thank you more often.

Because of the wonderful people like you who have chosen to sit in my chair, trust me with the way you look, how you present yourself to the world through my hands and that you start their mornings with me. There is true honor in that.

I am forever grateful to have clients like you who have chosen to change my life with your time. I am so very fortunate that you trusted me with your looks, with the money you spend on product, with our private conversations and overall who you are.

How fun that I get to meet new people everyday. Discover and offer solutions to problems, guide and educate and share my passion through you.

I just want to say…. Thank You for choosing that hour to be with me.




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