Mineral Make-Up

So what is the big deal about mineral make-up?

It appears that in QUALITY mineral make-up does not contain talc, oil or fragrance for those who are sensitive. With an easy application and a little bit of product it goes along way. I think the real benefit it is a no fail way to look and feel natural with a better option for your skin.

The key to mineral make-up is to balance moisture on your skin. Use a powder base on oily skin and use products that have more levels of moisture on skin lacking moisture. When applying mineral make-up keep in mind that use downward motions with your powder brush or your fingers because there is a fine surface of hair laying over the top of the skin. When you brush upwards you go against the grain of that hair that then produces a chalky or a unrefined look.

The trend appears to be a healthy glow focusing on the blushing bride look. Clean, beige and taupes for eyes and a healthy glow on the cheeks with a bit matching tinted gloss for your lips.

If you check out Youtube there are a ton of free tutorials about how you can apply your make-up to look like a movie star or just next door girl pretty.
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