Bumpdo’s for 2010

Chanel and Lanvin have encouraged the high messy bun. Think cinnamon roll on your head.  Tasty and fun. Add little dashes of decoration for the icing on top of the updo. And Voila you will be the the hostess with the mostess.

The simplest way to create this look is by brushing your hair upside down. Take a firm elastic band and secure a tight ponytail on top. Twist hair like a rope so that it is starting to turn on itself and secure with bobby pins. The best way to secure a boby pin is to slide the UNOPENED bobby pin on the sides around the up do gabbing a bit of hair then in a sharp angle (90 degrees) slide underneath the updo and scrap the scalp. Imagine that you are sewing the bobby pin in like the letter “L”. This should anchor the hair to the scalp. If placed properly and you have a medium amount of hair that is shoulder length the most boby pins you should need are 10- 12 max.. I can do my waist length hair in 5 bobby pins but it had taken a lot of practice to get it down to that amount.

For a great explanation and tutorial by Yves St Laurent

If you have any questions about hair let me know as I would love to answer them for you!

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