20 Years Today

Salom Arm Hair Salon Stylist

You know. Sometimes I think about my business when it is quiet in the salon. My day is done or it is Thursday morning before I go outside. And I think about the people that choose to sit in my chair
I feel so honored when I put myself in my clients shoes.
Some have had it rough, some tell me about their struggles and that they triumphed, others about loss, some about art, some tell me about how they see the world, some about how they kick as in business, some who have a happy life and the things they do to earn it.
Some tell me about family and the evolution they created and streamed along with. Some show me their talent.
It is hard sometimes to not talk about things that concern me and my business because you don’t want to name names in a small town.

After being in my home studio and really listening to heart ache and trying to help find the positve and still doing a good job at the same time. I think of you at that moment as a friend…because YOU trust me more than with just hair.

I got an upsetting email today…of someone who said I was too busy for them and they had to go somewhere else.

Don’t think that I wasn’t thinking about you and how you are doing….because I was. It was hard to see you go..because it was hair related…AFI know. This isn’t my first rodeo in this arena.

But this time of all of the client that taught me the lesson of letting go…I appreciate you at this very moment…because I learned

:you reminded me to love what I have (see examples above)
:you let me go and moved on and that is great because you have gotten the help you needed
:I can feel happiness because everyday I can love the roller coaster of excitement of the variety of the people I meet…and all from my home.

I see sometimes that the other salons look down on a business from home….but they don’t experience the same connection at a mall.
I know and read that they think…”oh poor girl….you can’t make it in the real world of hair”

All I can say to you…I love that I provide something for myself first. A room in my home that is full of love and joy. Decorated for a room to please me in. A room that is how I want it. A room that provides for the roof over my head first and builds equity. A room for when things go sideways I can crank the music and have a party. Celebrate people’s commitment to one another. Take care of my cats and let them be loved and shared with you while they help warm the chair you were in and be my secretary.

So. I say to you..I ain’t missing out on anything.
So to my client who left…thank you for reminding me about all of the special people who love me for who I am and what I do….

Because I was upset you left and it was hard too see you go….but I really thank you for helping me build my home, being in my life, sharing your struggles with death and lived to talk about it. Sharing in your family and the happiness that they are closer to you.

The sadness and loss you feel from the last year. I want to thank you especially for showing me how to move on from my loss…of my mom…of how to be a tree and withstand the winds of change and be strong…because the wind can be the best blow dryer out the window of your car…

I have the best career, job, time waster, creativity builder, money maker, analog info sharing (for those of you who don’t know…it is called “talking”), appreciating the past (junk collecting) and looking out a fantastic window.

20 years ago today… I had my first meeting to go into hair dressing and made the decision that changed my life for the better.

I wanted to say Thank You …to all of my clients for the last 20 years of navigating my life and providing me a home I never dreamed of, hugs and kisses, friendships and adventures, courage when I needed to stand up, experience my creativity all over your head and trusting me anyways…
I can’t begin to say anything that expresses my gratefulness to you and how you improved my life.
I am so lucky that I have had so much love…in 20 years….

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