Truly Magical Hair Dressers

You know.. those ones.. the ones that you sit in their chair and they don’t talk to you and do their thing without consulting you.

“THOSE” hair dressers that have the courage to suggest something to you so OUT OF THE ORDINARY hair dressers

I used to be one of those hairdressers (actually not really-only on friends)

So I decided I am going to do a FRIENDS day.

I am going to do FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK special.

Friend me on facebook and I get to do what ever I want, how ever I want and create a special art that I dream inside myself that will crown and sparkle like a jewel that I envision of you.. just by looking at it..

Will you hate it? I don’t know.. depends on you and your confidence. It will depend on how open. It depends on how much attention you can handle. It depends on weather you care about what other people think of you.

My Friends special only works for those who:

1. agree to chat and tell me about themselves (BUT NOT FOR what they want for their hair.. but their vision of what their life is and I match it to what I create based on that vision)

2.allow me all shades, all colors and techniques and rock walking in big ass shoes and have a jazz Laissez faire attitude.

3.enjoy being on camera and have the abilities to talk about a pencil .

4.WILL share.. photos using their and my camera while we have a day of fun. They will agree to instagraming the whole event with hashtags #FRIENDMEONFACEBOOK #IWANTAWESOMEHAIR #ROCKTHESHUSWAP #KELOWNA.


you know what to do… FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK: CLICK HERE

ps. REMEMBER.. this isn’t for the faint of heart, change your mind at the last minute, omg what are people gonna say,?! I am only looking for free! I like to rip people off and sue.. !

IF YOU ARE ANYTHING LIKE THAT please do not apply.. but watch what happens and live in the joy and experience of others until you are ready to be someone really new!

This is for those friends of mine who actually want to be friends: experience my creativity for free ONCE AND ONLY ONCE and only what I feel is what I see for you and your hair, want to have fun while you are here, enjoy loud music and just plain want to walk the #catsidewalk, willing to walk downtown in impromptu photo shoots in front of #store fronts and hash tag their business because they are so cool and you just love what they do too!

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