WARNING! Hair Ponzi Stealing Money From Folically Challenged People

With all that has happened over the last month..

I sent this message to a friend who has been experiencing a huge LOSS OF HAIR because of a terrible product I am completely AGAINST.

I have been researching and earning people over the last year about what was happening.
Unfortunately SO MANY people across North America are having so many issues with this #hairponzi…I felt it was necessary to share…


“I am so sorry you are going through this.
In 20 years I have never seen anything like this happening.

It’s such a personal experience. It’s tough to see yourself differently.

It’s tough to see how you really are underneath when you are not requesting and ready for baldness…and how you get to know yourself deeper past just hair.

To see and feel such a drastic change and trying to fight it and accept it at the same time.
It’s a terrible product. It has terrible results. It makes people angry.

It can be dividing. It makes relationships with others even more difficult if you trusted them to sell it to you.

It’s sad how people who SHOULD take responsibility don’t. Instead they blame and make excuses to the point that it makes you distrust everyone and what companies tell you, friends and agencies that are supposed to look out for our best health and interest.

It’s another reminder having hair fall from your head equates to another very tough lesson about buyer beware.

Hairdressers have been handed a tough situation to deal with.

Women who sit in their chair trying to find someone else to help them hold onto what they have. What they need to do. How can we fix what is left.

How can we recover or even hide this deep level of deception that has landed into the corner bathroom seemingly nothing but shampoo in a bottle.

I am so disappointed mostly in hairdressers who chose to sell it.

Worse than that it makes me even more angry that once they learn what this product does…continues to promote it?!!!!

It only took a year for this problem to grow out of control.

Estrogen levels affected, HAIRLOSS that cost $1000’s+?

I really hope that when these bad experiences are uncovered and the truth becomes apparent by the general public…that people say no.

I am so sorry you are going through a life changing experience through a mirror and how you express yourself to the outside world. I really hope we will find a quicker answer to fix it.


She prefers to not be named.
I wish to could convince the Market Partner that sold this CRAP in a bottle to her to have some honor and cancel her business, call all of her down line, customers, and warn everyone to not use it.

It’s not worth it.

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