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Blind Bay Macrame vs. Salmon Arm Shi Shi Fancy Pants

Shuswap Hair SalonI find it funny.

I was reading an article about how to decorate a salon. In this article it indicated that ” if the first thing your clients see when they come through the door is a macramé basket holding a fern, the answer is “yes. you need to redecorate”
Think about it–your salon décor forms your customers’ very first impressions, so if it’s rundown or out-of-date, what does it say about you and your skills?”

If you haven’t been in my salon.. umm.. it is out of date. so far out of date it is cool. 1950’s themed cool. Classic and funky. The thing is though what they neglect to mention in the article is.. it doesn’t really matter what the salon looks like, what REALLY matters is what YOU look like when it is done.

I had a friend who lives in another province who went to a shi shi poo poo fancy pants salon and paid $270 for a basic cut and color. Her result? A terrible hair cut hack job (her words) that she had to grow out for 7 months and another $300 extra dollars at another salon having the  black color she didn’t ask for stripped out.

The best advice I could give anyone is: Go for a FREE consultation. Ask your hairdresser to see if she has a license (I think this is VERY important because it indicates dedication). Be clear about what you want. ASK what their definition is of a trim or a cut is. ASK what their definition of funky is. It is ok to ask. It is your hair and your money. She should be  confident to say that she doesn’t understand what you want and will not start until both of you are clear! That means she respects you as a person and as a customer.

If the hairdresser wears plain jeans and a t-shirt this doesn’t indicate her skills. For example If you are in your pj’s and your at home painting the most beautiful piece of art.. it is because you are happy and comfortable … you produce  what comes from inside you.  If the hairdresser chooses to become an investigator to find out WHO you are then she will produce the hair that fits your life style and personality…. who you are inside to express on the outside.

Yes, a fancy pants salon can give you an “experience” but what is more important to me is the next day, next week and the month after your hair cut that means more to me. Having you look in the mirror and be happy and have fun with your hair (and not curse the day I was born) means more than sitting in a $2000 cutting chair, an $8000 desk to book your appointment and $9000 sink to suds up your head. The time you spend with me is the hour or two to treat you like you need a vacation, a little love and basic understanding and a ear to listen.. and even a hug when you need it. Because you are a person first not a wallet that I need to impress.

I do agree packing is important  but the inside is more important. Like you, who you are inside is more important than the surface and if someone cares about you and how you feel …this is priceless.

Next time you go to your salon, listen to the tones of how people are talking, are they happy to serve YOU?

Runway Fashion for Spring 2010

The dichotomy of fashion is in two modes at the moment and who will take over?

Girly, fluffy, flowy and ruffles and I aint talkin’ potato chips with very busy prints is the new chique? Think delicate prints and gingham, flowers and color with hints of shimmer. Filmy wedding sheer on the beach that move with the wind.