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Blind Bay Hair Salon in the Shuswap

How To Get a Great Cut – Don’t Leave With Hat Head

Hair dressers hear in negatives and do the positive.

During a consultation i experience that most customers speak in negative words when describing what they want: Examples are I don’t want you to cut my hair short. I don’t want the back long. And what happens? You got a hair cut that WAS cut too short or they did leave the back long.

82nd Academy Awards Hair and Make-up

Hair for the academy award hair is simple, sleek, chique and elegant with a hint of tidy with 40’s Basic Glamour.
Hair is not big but has gentle volume. To give you a quick example picture a loopy bun.

Yes the bumpie is alive and somewhat more elegant than a plastic piece jammed into the hair.
For wedding hair and updo’s the main details for the hair is this:

Bumpdo’s for 2010

Chanel and Lanvin have encouraged the high messy bun. Think cinnamon roll on your head.  Tasty and fun. Add little dashes of decoration for the icing on top of the updo. And Voila you will be the the hostess with the mostess.