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Have idea for your hair or where to get inspiration?

Are you tired of your hair and not really sure what to do?

You go to all of these hair websites and they have wonderful cuts and colors and you feel so inspired for a change.

Changes are great when you are ready and the first step is to decide how far to go with your hair style. Sometimes getting ideas for your hair can come from someone walking down the street (ask if you can take a photo of their hair) or it can come from a magazine or a website like pinterest.

You also need to figure out what tools or items you will need for this new look. Will it be clip in hair extensions or new product or even a new tool like a blow dryer or a curling wand? OR just refurbishing your old tools into something new like taking the clip off of an old curling iron and turning it into a curling wand.

Once you have done your research to determine how much change you want to experience or even just making the decision to change your hair it is now time to sit in the chair and discuss it with your stylist.

If the stylist is educated and confident they will give you suggestions on how this new style you have been thinking about will fit your lifestyle or capabilities.

If you have no idea what to do with your hair .. it can be as simple as saying to the stylist ‘What would you do.. if you could do anything to my hair” THEN ask “what will I need to make that style work for me ? -tools, combs, dryers etc”…

If you are not ready for a change but just need to change something… ask the stylist for ideas on how to style your hair in a new way.

I advise my clients to use mini ponytails in the nape area and fold them in towards their crown so that they can see what it is like to have less hair and less length before they have their hair cut off. I find this can be the best way to explore shorter styles without commitment.
You can also explore using your current tools in a new way. An example would be taking diagonal sections of hair and using your curling iron on hair that has been twisted first and then wrapped around the curling iron and held for a few seconds. Once the whole head is done you could bunch it all up into a very loose ponytail and then anchor the pony tail to the head so you have volume at the roots of the style, curl and still some length left in the style.

If you are stuckĀ  on what to do with your hair …I have an idea for your hair in my back pocket. You just have to call and even come in for a free consultation so we can make a goal to grow your hair or transition to a new style at your pace.
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