Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do you have ammonia free perms?

A.  Yes. I use CHI  ionic ammonia free perms which provides a consistent ph resulting in even true curls out performing regular acidic and alkaline perms. CHI has three perms that have chi 44 ceramic technology that works from the inside out to create perfect waves, body, movement and shape while keeping the optimum moisture levels. The hair results in even  curls root to tips that is shiny, soft and manageable.

Q. Can I have my hair colored on the same day of a CHI Perm or do I have to wait?

A.  Yes you can. As long as your new color application is using a color deposit or a small amount of lift. High lift colors are best left to be processed on another day.

Q. How long will my hair last with a CHI wave?

A. CHI waves change the texture of your hair permanently. The longevity of the perm will always vary depending on the length, texture, proper chosen size of the rods and the winding technique I use. Using CHI Curl Preserve home maintenance system will help maintain your new texture. CHI Curl Preserve shampoo has a low ph that keeps your cuticle closed which will increase the shine and healthy feel of your hair. CHI Curl Preserve Leave-In also has a low ph that rebalances moisture and will help detangle  knotty hair and CHI Curl preserve treatment restores elasticity,  This systems is also great for those with naturally curly or wavy hair.

Q. Ok, so you use CHI. What  is CHI ?

A. CHI stands for Cationic Hydration Interlink. CHI has 44 ingredients infused with ceramic, ionic and far infrared producing materials. The power of CHI  penetrates deep inside of the cuticle (protective layer) and into the cortex (elasticity and where color resides) and the medulla. This induces maximum penetration for color deposit and ionic charges will anchor the dyes inside the hair. This technology is a fade resistant breakthrough to achieve the most vibrant array of shades ever seen before. CHI Color is deposited with ionic charge (+/-).This new complex of dyes ensures complete tonal control.

Q. I heard the CHI Ionic Permanent  Shine Color is ammonia free. What does that mean?
 A.  Ammonia when mix with peroxide (the developer of hair color) creates an unstable toxic gas. One bowl of ammonia containing  hair color has the legal limit of chemical exposure to ammonia for one day. ONE BOWL. Imagine being around this ingredient daily, weekly for your entire career. Even as a customer, if you have sensitivities to any products exposure to ammonia can increase  your sensitivities to other ingredients. CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Color is AMMONIA FREE .What this means for you and for me is a lovely environment that allows you to breath in  without harsh chemicals. Also CHI ammonia free color respects the integrity of your hair by providing longer lasting vibrancy and unparalleled shine. CHI ionic Permanent Shine Color has a pleasant fragrance for you and for me creating a comfortable environment.

Q. So I read that you used to be a Redken Colorist, why are you now an Educator for CHI ?

A. I have been doing hair for 10 + years now. In the time that I have been doing hair I have experimented with many types of brands of colors/styling products and have taken many competitors classes. Each product line has their own benefits but none other than CHI are ammonia free. I have found that even washing hair at the sink has always painfully affected the skin on my hands. Once I have switched to CHI my skin has improved and this has extended my career for much longer. I also find it beneficial to my environment that I am not using toxic products that are harmful to my lungs (like ammonia based colors). I love CHI because I work in a small environment and the smell of all of their products enhance my salon and I never have that feeling of being sick after a full day of work. Sometimes when I used other brands of hairspray I would feel like my lungs were sticking together and I felt short of breath after doing a full day of wedding hair. Some tumes I could taste the product after a full day of work and I never even ate it!!! With CHI, I feel good at the end of my day, the skin on my hands are not burning, cracking and bleeding and I don’t feel like I have to wash my hands after styling someone’s hair because of the product affecting my skin. The way I see it, is if I get these benefits then it should also be good for my clients too! Who doesn’t want to feel good AND look good at the same time. I also appreciate that CHI Permanent Shine Hair Color allows me to color women who are pregnant (and that is because it is ammonia free). Think of it this way… women who are pregnant are warned not to clean up kitty litter because of the ammonia… then it stand to reason a big portion of not coloring pregnant women’s hair is due to ammonia in color as well.

Q. I like the idea of what you have said but I am scared of changing my brand of hair color especially since I like what I have!

A. I myself was very scared to change hair color lines especially considering I would know my Redken Color Chart so well that I didn’t even have to look at it to know what the base undertone and primary tone would be. I could formulate without thinking about it!. I will be honest there have been a few challenges learning this line (like any others) but now that I have learned to understand the twists of CHI… I will definitely say it has been well worth the learning curve!! I think the best thing is to at least try it. The shine is amazing, the health of your hair is improved when properly applied and I have to say 90% of the results when I first started with this line were Bang On! The 10% of the rest was more of my mistakes of not really planning out certain things and not knowing what was on the hair to begin with. The classes that are offered by CHI -color level 1.. is the stabilizing factor to achieving quantifiable results

Q. Why are hair extensions so expensive?

A. Extensions range in price due to a number of reasons.

1. Quality of hair (artificial or natural)

2. Length of hair

3. Type of extension procedure

4. The hour (s) to install hair extensions

Q. What are the types of qualities of hair extensions?

A. The two types of hair extensions are natural and artificial.

1.a) Natural hair is harvested in two ways. The hair is taken from brushes that are collected from women who  in their culture do not  cut or chemically treat their hair. This virgin hair is then placed in bundles and shipped to Paris to be treated in a chemical bath to remove any bacteria & also to remove the cuticle (as it is facing different directions which then causes knots). After the chemical bath the hair is then colored into the varieties of colors then sealed with a silicone and sewn to a weft. After being exported to the specified countries and to the local distributors, the hair waits for a customer and stylist to partake in the extension service. This type of hair is considered the lower quality of hair because frequent washing of this hair removes the silicone and then becomes extremely knotty because not all cuticle is removed and resembles Velcro.

1.b) The second way natural hair is harvested is these same women celebrate a religious ceremony by cutting their hair. To celebrate a specific occasion the hair is placed in a ponytail (then all of the cuticles faces the same direction) and ceremoniously cut off. This hair is considered top quality as it is most rare and of the best quality. The same procedures of coloring and bacterial removal is the same but they do not remove the cuticle. This hair is then sewn into a weft (a ribbon of fabric) and then exported.

2. Artificial hair is just that. Artificial. This hair is the cheapest of hair but not the best as this hair requires different treatment than that of natural hair. You can NOT use heat (curling iron, flat iron or hot blow dryer) on this hair as it will melt. Typically this hair is used for temporary purposes. Unfortunately I can not find what this hair is make of.

Q. Why does it take so long to put hair extensions in?

A. Hair extensions are applied in a number of ways. Your natural hair is braided tightly to your head and then the hair weft (hair sewn to the ribbon) is then sewn to your braid. After this process the hair is then cut into the new style. This style will last anywhere from 6 weeks to 2 months before needing repeating. With proficiency this process can be done in a couple of hours. Should you choose to do this process I would highly recommend  a stylist (a magician) who specializes in African American hair as they will create the best results and have much more experience with this method.

Q. Are there alternatives to hair extensions?

A. If your purpose is to grow your hair, patience is the key. Growing out your hair with a goal for an eventual style always helps. If you are starting from short hair and wish to grow your hair longer my suggestion would be getting your hair trimmed regularly to keep the sides and back short until the top grows below the parietal area. Once your hair reaches that point then grow your hair into a bob (elevated or box). Now that your hair becomes one length you can continue growing out the length by trimming your hair until it reaches shoulder length. Depending on the style that you have decided upon this would be the time to have the new desired shape cut in to your new style and continue growing the bottom to your goal length. This process allows you to have a style while you go through the process of growth. NO UGLY stage.
A. If you purpose is to have thickness I believe clip- in hair extensions are great for that purpose. These artificial clip-in hair extensions are great as this hair is already styled and color treated. 5 minutes in the morning is all it takes to put them in. You can either match your hair color (so no one will know you have them) or to be funky you can have a different color. These clip-in extensions are also great because if you decided you want to color your hair a different color you can see how you will look without the commitment. Clip-in extensions come in crazy colors to natural colors. The reason why I would recommend clip in extensions  is they are less damaging to your hair, they are fun, easy to change your style, inexpensive and are temporary. They are a great accessory. I have long, waist length, high lift blond hair and I like putting in purple clip-in hair extensions. I prefer this method because if I tried to get this same look through typical coloring measures my hair would break off. 
A. Wigs can be fun too but unfortunately are hot on the head to wear. Again the same idea about quality, natural or artificial applies.

Q. What are the different types of procedures for hair extensions and which ones are better?
A. The different types are to :
    1. Glue in (temporary- lasts about a week)
    2. Sewn in wefts (lasts approximately 6- 8 weeks)
    3. Adhesive (permanent until professional removal)
Each procedure has their own benefits and draw backs. You would have to decide what your goal is first before deciding. This is something you would have to discuss with your beautician and your pocket book. (you can email me if you have more questions as this could be a lengthy topic)

Q. Why does it take so long to put hair extensions in?

A. Hair extensions are applied in a number of ways.

1. A piece of a weft is cut and then glued right over your hair (shortest period of time to apply)

2. Hair is braided tightly to the head, a weft is sewn to the braid and then the hair is cut and styled (1/2 day).

3. A adhesive gun is used to attached individual sections of hair (about 10-25 hairs per piece) is attached with a type of glue that is attached to that same amount of hair on your head. This hair encapsulates your hair and creates little tiny ponytails at the root of your hair. This procedure depending on the amount of hair attached can be bothersome. It hurts as it is applied and can be sensitive  for a couple of days afterward (similar feel to a tight ponytail that you wore all day and then took out.. ooooch ouch!)  This hair procedure also has additional costs as you need the appropriate products to keep the hair in the most optimal condition. Another additional cost and a couple of more hours removal as you have to pay for the stylist time. The bonus is if the hair is still in optimal condition this hair can be reused (not on another person though due to health reasons) 90% of women in Hollywood have extensions. Have you even wondered how Oprah can change her hair so much? Halle Berry? Christina Aguilera?  Britney Spears is the prime example. She had so much issues with the pain of it all she got frustrated and shaved her head… have you seen her lately? Now long hair…. hmmmmmmmmmm! (1 day or more) plus lots of $$$$$

Q. If I chose to get clip-in hair extensions how would I get them?

A. As an added service I would have a consultation with you. I will figure out exactly the purpose of what the result you wish to obtain from these clip-in extensions would be  and then order them for you. This way you are guaranteed to have exactly what you desire. Hair extensions are non-refundable and I would prefer to make sure that you spend your money appropriately and purchase the right product for you.

Q. I have hair that I would describe as a pyramid! It is chin length and curly… so it forms a pyramid or triangle on my head. I don’t like that look and was told by a stylist that people with curly hair should not get it layered but I really can’t stand the weight at the bottom. I would love to have it layered. I find that it gets really frizzy when it is texturized with a razor to reduce bulk! Any suggestions?

A.  You don’t have to have it “layered” so to speak. There is a way of texturizing curly hair to remove bulk but to keep length. What happens (if you have ever had your hair highlighted with foils it is the same idea) the hair is weaved, in smaller sections and only weaving the interior areas of the hair cut avoiding the part, around the hairline and the nape area. This hair that is weaved is then bounced toward the head to see where it bends. ONLY this interior weaved hair is then CUT at the bend of the hair so that the volume of hair is reduced but leaving the rest of the hair to be length. A little exterior layering of the hair will create a shape but it depends on what shape you want. The construction of a hair cut will determine the shape of the cut. eg:. box, rectangle, diamond, triangle (yours) hourglass (Jennifer Aniston’s -friends hair cut) circle and disconnected. Once you determine the shape or goal for the cut you can weave the texture and cut that shape inside the curls so that the hair will fall into that shape. Then the rest of the hair is then cut on the exterior of the cut to mimic that same shape. These different shapes can also be combined based on the desire for a funky shape or bulk in the hair to be removed.
A2. When styling curly hair a great recipe if you want to enhance your curl make it more springy and WAY less frizzy… is to mix equal part Straight Guard and Infra Gel, flip hair upside down and apply from back to front. Section from the ears down, apply more mix of Straight Gaurd /I nfra Gel and then again applying more product from the top down. This ensures that your products has been evenly distributed throughout your hair. Once applied use a large tooth comb, combing hair down (and also smoothing the cuticle down). Scrunch up the hair now and this will bring bounce and life into your hair but also keep the hair more shiny, smooth curl. This tip was given to me from Rocky Vitelli an educator for CHI CAT team. his work is spectacular and the results of this product mix is exceptional especially for weaker curl! For even more volume at the roots is to apply your product, comb with large tooth comb, scrunch up, and then weave closed bobby pins at the root area, let dry AND you can leave them in if they are of the same hair color as your own. If you decide to take them out, be careful not to disturb your curl.