WARNING! Hair Ponzi Stealing Money From Folically Challenged People

With all that has happened over the last month..

I sent this message to a friend who has been experiencing a huge LOSS OF HAIR because of a terrible product I am completely AGAINST.

I have been researching and earning people over the last year about what was happening.
Unfortunately SO MANY people across North America are having so many issues with this #hairponzi…I felt it was necessary to share…


“I am so sorry you are going through this.
In 20 years I have never seen anything like this happening.

It’s such a personal experience. It’s tough to see yourself differently.

It’s tough to see how you really are underneath when you are not requesting and ready for baldness…and how you get to know yourself deeper past just hair.

To see and feel such a drastic change and trying to fight it and accept it at the same time.
It’s a terrible product. It has terrible results. It makes people angry.

It can be dividing. It makes relationships with others even more difficult if you trusted them to sell it to you.

It’s sad how people who SHOULD take responsibility don’t. Instead they blame and make excuses to the point that it makes you distrust everyone and what companies tell you, friends and agencies that are supposed to look out for our best health and interest.

It’s another reminder having hair fall from your head equates to another very tough lesson about buyer beware.

Hairdressers have been handed a tough situation to deal with.

Women who sit in their chair trying to find someone else to help them hold onto what they have. What they need to do. How can we fix what is left.

How can we recover or even hide this deep level of deception that has landed into the corner bathroom seemingly nothing but shampoo in a bottle.

I am so disappointed mostly in hairdressers who chose to sell it.

Worse than that it makes me even more angry that once they learn what this product does…continues to promote it?!!!!

It only took a year for this problem to grow out of control.

Estrogen levels affected, HAIRLOSS that cost $1000’s+?

I really hope that when these bad experiences are uncovered and the truth becomes apparent by the general public…that people say no.

I am so sorry you are going through a life changing experience through a mirror and how you express yourself to the outside world. I really hope we will find a quicker answer to fix it.


She prefers to not be named.
I wish to could convince the Market Partner that sold this CRAP in a bottle to her to have some honor and cancel her business, call all of her down line, customers, and warn everyone to not use it.

It’s not worth it.

Truly Magical Hair Dressers

You know.. those ones.. the ones that you sit in their chair and they don’t talk to you and do their thing without consulting you.

“THOSE” hair dressers that have the courage to suggest something to you so OUT OF THE ORDINARY hair dressers

I used to be one of those hairdressers (actually not really-only on friends)

So I decided I am going to do a FRIENDS day.

I am going to do FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK special.

Friend me on facebook and I get to do what ever I want, how ever I want and create a special art that I dream inside myself that will crown and sparkle like a jewel that I envision of you.. just by looking at it..

Will you hate it? I don’t know.. depends on you and your confidence. It will depend on how open. It depends on how much attention you can handle. It depends on weather you care about what other people think of you.

My Friends special only works for those who:

1. agree to chat and tell me about themselves (BUT NOT FOR what they want for their hair.. but their vision of what their life is and I match it to what I create based on that vision)

2.allow me all shades, all colors and techniques and rock walking in big ass shoes and have a jazz Laissez faire attitude.

3.enjoy being on camera and have the abilities to talk about a pencil .

4.WILL share.. photos using their and my camera while we have a day of fun. They will agree to instagraming the whole event with hashtags #FRIENDMEONFACEBOOK #IWANTAWESOMEHAIR #ROCKTHESHUSWAP #KELOWNA.


you know what to do… FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK: CLICK HERE

ps. REMEMBER.. this isn’t for the faint of heart, change your mind at the last minute, omg what are people gonna say,?! I am only looking for free! I like to rip people off and sue.. !

IF YOU ARE ANYTHING LIKE THAT please do not apply.. but watch what happens and live in the joy and experience of others until you are ready to be someone really new!

This is for those friends of mine who actually want to be friends: experience my creativity for free ONCE AND ONLY ONCE and only what I feel is what I see for you and your hair, want to have fun while you are here, enjoy loud music and just plain want to walk the #catsidewalk, willing to walk downtown in impromptu photo shoots in front of #store fronts and hash tag their business because they are so cool and you just love what they do too!

20 Years Today

Salom Arm Hair Salon Stylist

You know. Sometimes I think about my business when it is quiet in the salon. My day is done or it is Thursday morning before I go outside. And I think about the people that choose to sit in my chair
I feel so honored when I put myself in my clients shoes.
Some have had it rough, some tell me about their struggles and that they triumphed, others about loss, some about art, some tell me about how they see the world, some about how they kick as in business, some who have a happy life and the things they do to earn it.
Some tell me about family and the evolution they created and streamed along with. Some show me their talent.
It is hard sometimes to not talk about things that concern me and my business because you don’t want to name names in a small town.

After being in my home studio and really listening to heart ache and trying to help find the positve and still doing a good job at the same time. I think of you at that moment as a friend…because YOU trust me more than with just hair.

I got an upsetting email today…of someone who said I was too busy for them and they had to go somewhere else.

Don’t think that I wasn’t thinking about you and how you are doing….because I was. It was hard to see you go..because it was hair related…AFI know. This isn’t my first rodeo in this arena.

But this time of all of the client that taught me the lesson of letting go…I appreciate you at this very moment…because I learned

:you reminded me to love what I have (see examples above)
:you let me go and moved on and that is great because you have gotten the help you needed
:I can feel happiness because everyday I can love the roller coaster of excitement of the variety of the people I meet…and all from my home.

I see sometimes that the other salons look down on a business from home….but they don’t experience the same connection at a mall.
I know and read that they think…”oh poor girl….you can’t make it in the real world of hair”

All I can say to you…I love that I provide something for myself first. A room in my home that is full of love and joy. Decorated for a room to please me in. A room that is how I want it. A room that provides for the roof over my head first and builds equity. A room for when things go sideways I can crank the music and have a party. Celebrate people’s commitment to one another. Take care of my cats and let them be loved and shared with you while they help warm the chair you were in and be my secretary.

So. I say to you..I ain’t missing out on anything.
So to my client who left…thank you for reminding me about all of the special people who love me for who I am and what I do….

Because I was upset you left and it was hard too see you go….but I really thank you for helping me build my home, being in my life, sharing your struggles with death and lived to talk about it. Sharing in your family and the happiness that they are closer to you.

The sadness and loss you feel from the last year. I want to thank you especially for showing me how to move on from my loss…of my mom…of how to be a tree and withstand the winds of change and be strong…because the wind can be the best blow dryer out the window of your car…

I have the best career, job, time waster, creativity builder, money maker, analog info sharing (for those of you who don’t know…it is called “talking”), appreciating the past (junk collecting) and looking out a fantastic window.

20 years ago today… I had my first meeting to go into hair dressing and made the decision that changed my life for the better.

I wanted to say Thank You …to all of my clients for the last 20 years of navigating my life and providing me a home I never dreamed of, hugs and kisses, friendships and adventures, courage when I needed to stand up, experience my creativity all over your head and trusting me anyways…
I can’t begin to say anything that expresses my gratefulness to you and how you improved my life.
I am so lucky that I have had so much love…in 20 years….

Have idea for your hair or where to get inspiration?

Are you tired of your hair and not really sure what to do?

You go to all of these hair websites and they have wonderful cuts and colors and you feel so inspired for a change.

Changes are great when you are ready and the first step is to decide how far to go with your hair style. Sometimes getting ideas for your hair can come from someone walking down the street (ask if you can take a photo of their hair) or it can come from a magazine or a website like pinterest.

You also need to figure out what tools or items you will need for this new look. Will it be clip in hair extensions or new product or even a new tool like a blow dryer or a curling wand? OR just refurbishing your old tools into something new like taking the clip off of an old curling iron and turning it into a curling wand.

Once you have done your research to determine how much change you want to experience or even just making the decision to change your hair it is now time to sit in the chair and discuss it with your stylist.

If the stylist is educated and confident they will give you suggestions on how this new style you have been thinking about will fit your lifestyle or capabilities.

If you have no idea what to do with your hair .. it can be as simple as saying to the stylist ‘What would you do.. if you could do anything to my hair” THEN ask “what will I need to make that style work for me ? -tools, combs, dryers etc”…

If you are not ready for a change but just need to change something… ask the stylist for ideas on how to style your hair in a new way.

I advise my clients to use mini ponytails in the nape area and fold them in towards their crown so that they can see what it is like to have less hair and less length before they have their hair cut off. I find this can be the best way to explore shorter styles without commitment.
You can also explore using your current tools in a new way. An example would be taking diagonal sections of hair and using your curling iron on hair that has been twisted first and then wrapped around the curling iron and held for a few seconds. Once the whole head is done you could bunch it all up into a very loose ponytail and then anchor the pony tail to the head so you have volume at the roots of the style, curl and still some length left in the style.

If you are stuckĀ  on what to do with your hair …I have an idea for your hair in my back pocket. You just have to call and even come in for a free consultation so we can make a goal to grow your hair or transition to a new style at your pace.
Call Rebecca at 250-675-4713


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