★”Hi Rebecca;

I really love my hair…..not sure if I conveyed that enough J  Ben really liked it too, said my hair before was getting to be an odd length, he said this looks like it has more shape……..go figure haha. So next time we’ll go punk rock….just kidding.

I’ll see you in April. Thanks again for making me look lovely!


Frigid Hair Salon located in Bind Bay: Another successful day as a hairdresser


★Good “morning Rebecca,

My haircut is still punky and awesome so will not need my cleanup on Monday.  Can you check you bookings and see if you have any time on the 18th or 19th for a cut and you know me..always like the fir4st appointment.  Have a grand day am off to my garden


★”Hi Rebecca,

Thank you again for the great cut and highlights …after my bad hair experience while out of province last week you’ve fixed my choppy, uneven layers that I was left with.  I’m no longer upset about the several inches of hair that was cut off by the other hairdresser (I only requested an inch or two).  You listen to what your clients vision is regarding their hair and respect their wishes…along with recommendations that will help them reach the end result (if required). I appreciate the styling tips, it will solve some of the nasty “bump” issues I’ve had in the past 🙂  The highlights you added look awesome and I can’t tell you enough times how pleased I am!!

Thanks again…


★”THIS HAIR CUT! I love it… this is how I always want it cut… it ‘s so much narrower and streamlined…my face looks thinner.. colour is awesome… I am sexy today! LOL”

Denise C.

★ I forgot to ask you to put me on your cancellation list should an appt comes open before Jan 21st…
I hope you marked down this colour, love it and getting lots of comments!!
If you have an appt on the 20-21st of December open up…It might be nice to touch up the highlights etc
Take care
Merry Christmas if I don’t see you before the holidays

★Hi Rebecca,

I have an appointment on Dec. 18th which I would like to cancel.  My hair still looks great from the last cut you gave me.  Could you make me another appointment the week of January 12th , any time of day is OK.  Thanks Rebecca and Merry Christmas and happiness for 2013.


★Thanks Rebecca for the info on the healing herbs as well as the tracking system. I’ll give them both a whirl. Ben really liked the way you cut my hair……I do too.  You are a hair wizard J  I always look forward to my hair appointments, your laugh is uplifting.

Thanks again. Rosemarie

★”Love my hair cut …. AGAIN.

Love my colour …. AGAIN.

And I am using and loving your “Smooth the Soul Lotion.”

See you soon.

Jan Kinley”

★”Hi Rebecca. I was just blowdrying my hair this morning and —- it all fell out!!!!! No, just kidding. I was just thinking what a wonderful shape it was! You did such a good job! Just wanted you to know that someone appreciates you 🙂 xoxox Denise”

★”Hi Rebecca,

We enjoyed meeting you! Everyone was very happy with their hair creation. Cheryl told me that if she lived close by you would be the Stylist of choice. I agreed. Thanks again!

I am using the Vit C product & liking it. I’ll keep in touch.

Best, Donna”

★”I love my hair cut and hubby likes it too



★Thank you for good results on Kevin’s hair – we both like what you’ve done. Have you made a note on his card? He’d like to continue with this style.


– Marion

★Kevin is so pleased with the way you did his hair – so am I.

He walked in and said, “At last I’ve met someone who does my hair the way I like it!”

He likes you, too, so you’re a hit.

I guess you were a bit shocked at the length of his hair – he hadn’t had a trim since the end of JANUARY!

See you soon.

– Marion

★Hi Rebecca!!
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my first hair experience with you (gee that sounds kinky, but you know what I mean LOL)!!! I am sooooo happy with the way you did my hair. YOU REALLY DO GET ME!!!!! Finally after all these years, I have found someone who understands what I want done with my hair. Can’t wait to til April for my next appointment. I wil be sure and spread the good word!!!
Take care!
P.S. Loved, loved, loved the hair massage! Awesome!
PPS. Have a wonderful holiday, you deserve it!

★It was so great to meet you and have you do my hair on the wedding day.I absolutely loved my hair and had so many nice comments on it. It looked awesome in the photos and held up perfectly all day long. Your salon is so cool and we had such a great experience. You are so knowledgeable and helpful with hair and make-up. I would recommend you to absolutely anyone. .  Keltie M

★”Hey Rebecca. Hope you have your feet up and have finally had supper!!  Thanks soooooooooo much for accommodating both me and Zak. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!I am really liking the feel of my hair. I did find a flat iron, along with the large barrel curling iron, the tiny barrel curling iron, Velcro rollers, hot rollers…..etc., etc.  I could almost open a hair gadget museum!!!  So, I will dust off the flat iron and see if it works! Call me to book my next appointment”

Lona H

★”Morning Rebecca:
Well, guess what? In case you haven’t already heard ….we sold our home. I think we had just listed it when I was last with you….it sold in 1 week. So our movers are here on June 25th and we are off to Kelowna.
Thanks so much for all the great conversation and great cuts…..I really do hope that you find a way to set up hair-time in Kelowna and if you do have it planned, please let me know so I can get a hair cut.Take care

★”I just had to send a quick note to tell you how much I love my hair.  The color is fantastic as always and the cut is so great.  It moves and is easy to manage.  It is long enough to braid for my classes but not so long that it is difficult to maintain.  I really love it. Thank-you for being the brilliant stylist that you are. Janine C

★ I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love my hair.” Beckey Q

★”BTW –  I LOVE MY HAIR!! It rocks, and I’ve had many, many compliments on it. Thanks a bunch! “Marni W

★”I love it, I love my Hair!  You are so talented, it is amazing how the creativeness of one person can make another feel special. I love everything you did at the salon, it’s one of a kind. So again I thank you” Dianna G

★”I had to call you because right after I left here, a lady came up to me in superstore told me she LOVED my hair. You are FABULOUS!! Rock On!! ” Keli B

★”HI Rebecca! My hair is LOVELY. Thank You “Renee B

★”It is always Christmas each time a get a hair cut!” John K

★”Hi Rebecca! I Just have to let you know that I’ve had 2 compliments on my hair cut.  One from a lady at line dancing class and another from a friend at church.  So thank you for the great job on my hair!” Carol B

★By the way, after I got my hair done the last time, Curtis said it was the best it has ever looked, so kudos to you.” Christine J” I just wanted to let you know that Rick loves the cut, and I’ve been getting lots of compliments at work & from friends!” Jona D

★”Fabulous place! Of course I would never expect any less from fabulous you!” Marnie W & Ili S

★”Love the new place!! You’re the greatest!! I love all my hair cuts and Colors!!” Lillane R”By the way, I absolutely loved my hair when you did it for the wedding. I felt so glamorous. My daughter said I looked like a movie star!” Christine J

★”The finest hair person EVER! I now have good hair. FINALLY!” Carmen L

★”You have always been consistently nice to me throughout all the time I’ve been in Winnipeg.   I do appreciate you.” Michael I

★”Your my “hair angel”” Bunny C

★I really like the cut you gave me.” Michael I

★Best hairdresser in Winnipeg.” Marjorie C

★”Hi Rebecca,
Got up this morning & played with my hair…
Cool result…. thanks for the cut/style…. something I can work
with & switch it up. Fun.
Enjoyed the chit chat.
You go girl.
~~~Rachel S”

★”Love your cozy place!” Sande H

★”Thanks for the awesome highlights!!!” Colleen R

★”Love your new salon-Very innovative” Sheila B

★”U Da Bomb” Alfredo O

★”Very creative! Reflects your spirit” Pam M★”You go girl 1-Love ya!” Ruth R

★”I’m THE Rock Star!” Renee B

★”Always a great cut” Bev W★”Betty Paige Lives!! You are Fabulous!” Vera K

★”I Love My Hair” Thanks!” Andria P


so here is how I think about hair:

Rebecca Geiger

I have found in the hair business when I offer 100% guarantee after my service and someone doesn’t like their hair.. my reputation is worth their money. I would rather give back every dime than have someone say that I did something that they didn’t like AND I charged them and I didn’t do what I promised. It doesn’t happen often but when it does I know that I did my best and if it wasn’t good enough.. then that is ok.. there is a better solution for them out there and I wasn’t it. and they can pay someone who suits their needs and everyone is better for it.”

your new hairstylist- Rebecca